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About us

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AlohaFuels was founded by Guy Toyama (who passed away in 2011), Chester Lowrey and Ulrich Bonne in 2010. 


Ulrich Bonne, PhD, is a chemical physicist, analyst and energy consultant, and serves as CTO of AlohaFuels. He worked 42 years on sensor and process R&D (research and development) at the Honeywell Labs in Minneapolis, MN. He has proposed, won and led multi-million-dollar R&D contracts with DOE, ONR, NIST, DARPA and industrial customers from the natural gas and automotive industries, which resulted in over 140 papers* and 100 US and international patents. * See also http://minnefuels.pbworks.com/ and http://friendsofnelha.org/ for additional down-loadable papers


Chester P. Lowrey was Chief Engineer at H2-Techs and has extensive knowledge in the field of electronics, including design & fabrication of micro-robotic kits, and of high voltage switch-mode power supplies used in surface modification of polymers and electrolysis technology.  A native of Hawaii, his present work covers R&D and building of innovative electronic, mechanical & chemical systems. His team demonstrated the conversion of a scooter internal combustion engine for operation with H2. One of his hobbies is to coach high school teams to design, build and compete in micro-robotic events.



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