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Welcome to AlohaFuels


Our mission: Help Hawaii to become self-sustaining

                      on energy, fuel and food

Our goals: 1. Secure clean, safe, renewable and affordable

                     solar electric energy for everyone.

                     i. Design and configure an affordable PVBB*

                        system, which maximizes Self-Consumption,  

                        & therefore eliminates grid over-load concerns 

                     ii.Share the gained experience with everyone

                 2. Facilitate grid-distributed electricity rates

                     in Hawaii to drop to 20 cents / kWh and 

                 3. Assist with the development of renewable fuels

                     and fertilizers:  

                      i. Extract hydrogen (H2) from water

                     ii. Convert H2 and CO2 to gasoline

                    iii. Convert H2 and N2 to ammonia (NH3)


                     * PVBB = Photo-Voltaic with Battery Backup